My Open Letter to the DNC


Today I received yet another email from the DNC — one of hundreds a month that flood my inbox with all manner of messaging. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a liberal Christian Democrat independent voting my conscience since turning 18 in 1980, when I proudly voted for who is arguably the greatest American leader of the 20th century, President Jimmy Carter. In the old traditional American way, I support who I see as the best candidate.

I, too, heard the giant sucking sound and supported and organized for H. Ross Perot in 1992. I even wrote him a letter which he got and read aloud to a crowd in Delaware. Which was pretty amazing. And I designed a bumper sticker which he used that day on his podium.

Likewise I was moved by the character of then-Senator Barack Obama. Who turned out the only candidate I supported in 39 years who won.

In all cases, I voted with my heart AND my head, in allegiance to my basic principles of leadership: humility, heart, brains, vision, and spine. These are the pillars of leadership I value.

So today I couldn’t help but write the following reply to the Democratic National Committee. Because I am pretty sure my email reply will go nowhere, I decided to publish it here, on my nearly secret blog. This probably won’t go anywhere either, but I’ll feel better making it an Open Letter to the DNC.

The DNC’s email subject line:

SADLY: BOLD Democrats 2018

Laurel A — are you reading our emails???

Here’s my reply:


Honestly?! No!

I tend to vote for your candidates, mostly, but your email campaigns—they are atrocious.

Go study Law of Attraction (search YouTube Abraham Hicks and study at least a years worth of content, fast) and hire better copywriters! Hire me!

Look at that subject line: SADLY: BOLD

Good grief that is the WORST!

Those two words cancel each other out. No energy. Dead. Flat. No momentum. One cannot be SAD and be BOLD at the same time!! Hello??!!

Your campaign needs copywriters trained in drect response marketing and law of attraction. You need to stop saying a negative word about anyone or anything. People are looking for HOPE not more fear!! The DNC needs a heart-centered law-of-attraction-based PR campaign that uplifts and inspires.

Why the heck don’t you hire Barack and Michelle Obama?? Remember 2008, and his Canpaign for Change that ignited the hearts of millions?

I was a City Leader in a red county, outnumbered 4 to 1, but because of our hearts, we exceeded vote goals here 25%.

You, DNC, show all the time you don’t have a heart. Just like Hillary, you aren’t listening to the people.

You idiots were so stupid you pushed Hillary unfairly ahead of Bernie. You failed to cry foul in 11 states that tampered with the primary vote. And so did your candidate. Tsk tsk tsk. With that idiot move, you PROVED yourself just as bad as the GOP — invisible and heartless, ruthless, not listening, not seeing the people, disrespecting not only us, the voters, but our entire system of government. You got right down there in the muck, became like your enemy. Not feeling our hearts. You showed your colors; You are not to be trusted.

And in that, you handed the election to Trump.

I probably just wasted my time writing all this because you probably set up your DNC emails not to be responded to.

Like there is anyone there, actually reading, caring, and responding.

You guys mail out questionnaires all the time, too, that have only one purpose: to raise money. Just like the GOP.


So there. That’s it. I emailed my reply. By their lack of response, DNC proves it is as disconnected as always. Dragged down by bad leaders, just like the GOP.

Whoever is in charge, hire the guy who WON big in 2008, who is a professional organizer, who can attract the cream of the crop talent: artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and independents like me, to put our shoulders to it, and vote with our heart and our feet. Who will get behind today’s new crop of leaders who are humble, who have a heart, and brains, and spine, and backbone.

Honor, treasure, and shower love upon our beloved elder, President Jimmy Carter! Honor all the good he and his wife has done with his life! He is a living model of every good American value. HE is what we want our children to become. Not THEIR guys!

And for God’s sake, DNC, fess up! Publicly acknowledge the malfeasance, investigate to find all responsible, and apologize for the vote tampering. It is not too late! NOW is the time for confession! Before the next election! Why should we EVER trust you again if you don’t clear that slate?

We’re not stupid, you know. Just hurting.

And you: wise up, would you? Anyone is insane if they keep doing the same things over and over again, expecting different results. If they don’t learn from mistakes. If they don’t let go of grievances.

Don’t be insane. Lord knows, we’ve got enough insanity.

Humility. Heart. Brains. Vision. Spine. Get some. Fast.

Yes, I read your email, DNC. More importantly, did you read mine?

Laurel A. Kashinn


Laurel Kashinn is a Certified Ghostwriter, Wellness Advocate with doTERRA, author, mother, wife, Orthodox Christian, amd a student of the Desert Fathers, Law of Attraction, and A Course in Miracles. She helps people find their authentic voice and wellness at and

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