Save with doTERRA Starter Kits

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The smart way to get started with doTERRA CPTG oils is by choosing a reduced-price starter kit. Not only are the products more deeply discounted off wholesale prices, kits includes a free Essentials book with annual wholesale membership ($35 savings). It all depends on your budget, how much you want to save, and your goals.Below are easy links to our most popular starter kits. Contact me for personal assistance, to be guided to the right kit to help you with your wellness goals.

Know what you want to order?

Here are a few of our reduced-price starter kits, starting with the biggest savings:

Diamond Kit (Save $886+)

If you are ready to dive in to natural wellness head first and transform your life — and/or — a connoisseur who loves quality, fine wines, cheeses, chocolates, cars, clothing, shoes, computers, etc.– the Diamond Kit is for you. It contains the Every Oil Kit (every essential oil) plus all the other therapeutic grade, personal care, and spa products doTERRA makes. Some think the Diamond Kit is only for those who wish to start an essential oil business. But that is not true. Many appreciate the Diamond Kit for personal use because they see the value. True: if your goal is financial freedom, you love natural solutions, you’re open to rolling up your sleeves and working a simple proven system to build a residual income-producing business — then definitely the Diamond Kit is absolutely the best value as an initial business investment. But it is not necessary to start a business. (Of course, if your heart feels drawn to our mission of sharing plant medicines, please talk with me.) Many regular people see the great value in this kit, not just business people.


(Diamond Kit, price above, includes the Every Oil Kit, as shown here (Save $630+)


(Click this link to add a Diamond Kit for $2750 with Free Wholesale Membership and Fast-Track Bonuses to your cart.)

(Click this link to add an Every Oil Kit for $1950 with Free Wholesale Membership and Fast-Track Bonuses to your cart.)

The Natural Solutions Kit (Save $228+)

The Natural Solutions Kit our most popular reduced-price starter kit. Wonderful selection of 15 essential oils plus a broad selection of all of our product lines, including the Spa Body Spray, the On Guard products (cleanser, laundry detergent, toothpaste, mouthwash, and hand spray), the Lifelong Vitality therapeutic-grade vitamin pack with Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. Even includes a wonderful  diffuser, a storage box,  and more! GREAT VALUE! Save $228+ off wholesale prices if purchased separately.


(Click this link to add a Natural Solutions Kit for $550 with Free Wholesale Membership and Fast-Track Bonuses to your cart.)

The Home Essentials Kit (save $86+) has 10 base oils (including CPTG Frankincense) in large 15 mL bottles plus a Petal Diffuser. The 15 mL larger bottle provides 250 drops. (Note: this kit is less than twice the price of the smaller kit below, while providing 3x as much oil, and a diffuser.)


(Click here to add the Home Essentials Kit for $275 with Free Wholesale Membership to your cart.)

The Family Essentials Kit (Save $36+) has the 10 base oils (including CPTG Frankincense), in small 5 mL bottles. The 5 mL bottle provides about 75 drops.  This kit has no diffuser, but does have Peppermint and On Guard beadlets — tiny gels containing 1/4 of a drop of oil, to take them internally for a quick pick-me-up or immune-health booster. Great for traveling!


(Click here to add the Family Essentials and Beadlets Kit for $150 with Free Annual Wholesale Membership to your cart.)

After you’ve opened your wholesale account, contact me and click on over to our Facebook support pages.