“The stories we tell literally make the world. If you want to change the world, you need to change your story. This truth applies both to individuals and institutions.” –Michael Margolis.

What is your story? I help people write their stories–in books and professional résumés, LinkedIn profiles, business plans, and biographies. As a certified ghostwriter with 18+ years of writing, design, and publishing experience, my specialty is finding and polishing the diamonds: what is special and unique about you and your story? When we crystalize our authentic strengths, clarify the message in writing, doors open and good things happen!

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My Career & Résumé Writing Services

I offer same-day professional résumé writing, with LinkedIn training and career coaching. I’m unique for the high level of personalized instruction as we collaborative, a team of two experts in the writing of your résumé. You learn latest best practices and much more. We schedule a half-day writing session appointment, either locally in person or on Zoom, and get the work done that day. (Depending on the package and your the career situation, on rare occasions the work may spill into a second day.)  At the end of the writing session, you will have your finished résumé and be equipped and up to speed on current best practices, including LinkedIn, cover letter writing, and the job search process. My service will save you weeks in securing your next great position! (See my LinkedIn profile for Recommendations from many happy clients.)

My Author Services

I provide a range of services for authors at all levels–those who write, and those who have a book inside but no time or skill to execute the writing. Personalized book coaching guides you through the steps to a finished and well-edited manuscript.  Creating book proposals (ie. book business plans) helps your publishing venture be successful. A manuscript analysis and recommendation (A&R) is the start, provides a blue print for finishing your project, and a quote. As a ghostwriter, I can assist at any part of the process of your book, doing all the heavy lifting of the writing, while maintaining your voice and vision. Whether from very early stages, conducting interviews, transcribing narratives, organizing notes, conducting research, and developing a first-draft manuscript. Or end stages — supplying final line and copy editing.  I provide and can also teach developmental editing, line editing, copy editing, book proposal writing, book pitches, query letters, self-publishing guidance, business plan writing, and publishing counseling. (See my LinkedIn profile for Recommendations from many happy clients.)

You can check my calendar, book a free 20-minute consultation, and learn more at WriteStuffResources.com. Or click Contact Me on my Speaking page to connect.