The Perfect Stranger

For anyone who may be interested in Christ, I recommend the movie called The Perfect Stranger, which we Netflixed this past weekend. A low-budget film based upon Revelations 3:20, it is the fictional account of a modern-day career attorney and harried mother who receives an invitation to dinner with Jesus Christ. Most of the movie consists of their very interesting conversation over dinner at an upscale Italian restaurant in Chicago. The actors and filmmakers were challenged and succeeded in presenting the story, which had very little action, adventure, and few changes of scene, in the most engaging way possible. Watching it provided an enjoyable reminder of who He was, the way to be, and answered many of the critiques and questions agnostics and skeptics have about Christ and Christianity. My 5-year-old daughter sat and watched the entire movie with me, twice.

Thoughtful Edifying Comments Please

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