Laurel KashinnIn The Spirit of Truth is the blog of Laurel Kashinn, certified ghostwriter, résumé writer, and dõTERRA wellness advocate. She enjoys helping others find joy and abundance through authentic writing, creative processes, and connecting to wellbeing. She is also a graphic designer who has edited, written, and illustrated books, magazines, and articles in the categories of publishing, career, children’s, business, IT, leadership, wellness, memoir, self-help, financial services, animals, and the real estate and construction trades. Her work has been published online and in local and regional magazines and newspapers.

Laurel is a lover of dogs, her husband, her daughter, her Orthodox Christian family and faith tradition, leading-edge new thought, and essential oils. She has a keen interest in the intersection of psychology, functional medicine, spirituality, essential oils, and business. She is an avid student of teachers ancient and contemporary, including the Desert fathers and mothers, indigenous leaders, law of attraction via Esther Abraham Hicks, and A Course In Miracles.

With top fice Clifton Strengths of Connectedness, Input, Intellection, Strategic, and Ideation, Laurel relishes helping people find the right connections, resources, and solutions in writing, publishing, career, and wellness. Laurel is the first Certified Ghostwriter in Wisconsin, a graduate from California State University at Long Beach, and has a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

When not teaching and coaching about essential oils and career success through her two businesses, Bee Joyful Essential Wellness and Write Stuff Resources, or working on her own creative projects, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband, walking, biking, watching sci fi, reading, communing with church family, and volunteering for environmental and health-related non-profits. She’s also mom to a terrific Decker terrier named Rocket.

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