Wellbeing is like a place on the radio dial that’s live streaming a broadcast 24/7. We humans are like radio stations, who both receive and broadcast signals. We were born in the stream of Wellbeing, which feels good. Eager. Energized. Inspired. It’s natural and normal to be in Wellbeing, where everything is clear and easy and fun. Things get better for us and those around us. Everybody feels better when tuning to Wellbeing.

But the world is littered with out-of-tune channels, that choke off the stream of Wellbeing. Whenever we feel unsure, confused, indecisive, bored, annoyed, overwhelmed, exhausted, worried, easy to anger, hopeless, or depressed — we’ve tuned in another channel. At first it just is emotion  that feels bad, but if we stay out of Wellbeing long enough, we create the opposite of ease: dis-ease. It feels bad. Hang out there habitually, and that’s when things go from bad to worse.

The good news is, with mindfulness, practice using our iGPS, and help from our friends in the plant kingdom–shift happens! 

Why doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils? BeeJoyful.org

I am a writer, an ideas person, and a strategy person. I help people find their voice and write their stories of success. One of my greatest joys is introducing people to the beautiful, gentle, powerful gifts from nature found in dõTERRA® CPTG® essential oils!  These natural plant medicines are powerful living allies that help us make that shift! The gold standard of purity, doTERRA has changed my life and that of my family in a huge way. First was my daughter’s relief and recovery from multiple tick-borne infections,. Then there was setting the clock back on aging for my 70-something husband. And the help for myself to do likewise!

Adding these powerful plant medicines to my lifestyle felt akin to finding long lost relatives. It’s like a functional family reunion–internally. My cells do a happy dance, saying “YIPPEE!!  We missed you!” 

Using oils every day just feels GREAT!  <–Indicator of being tuned to Wellbeing.

When I learned about the awesomeness of doTERRA, the company, I got on board. Now I love to share oils, help people find Wellbeing for themselves and their families.

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