Wellbeing is place like a station on the radio dial, and humans affiliate stations, who receive and broadcast. When tuned in to the frequency of Wellbeing, we feel good, and everything gets better. When out of tune, there’s lots of static, which feels bad. Hang out in the static too long, and that’s when things go from bad to worse. With practice and a little help from our friends in the plant kingdom–shift happens! It’s an amazing experience, and one of my greatest joys in life is to share how to use dõTERRA® Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG)® essential oils. These oils have changed lives in my family, beginning with my daughter’s recovery from multiple tick-borne infections. I’ve fallen in love, and become a wellness advocate.

Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils: Pure Natural Chemistries of Wellbeing

For thousands of years, people have been distilling and treasuring essential oils for medicinal use. Frankincense, Myrrh, and others inspired the ancient spice routes, and helped our ancestors survive. Following WWII, everything changed. Synthetic chemicals entered the industry, pulling the rug out from under thousands of small artisan family growers, harvesters, and distillers around the world. By the early 2000s, middle men were routinely cutting natural essential oils with cheap, artificial chemistries. Synthetic aromas called “fragrance,” that are known carcinogens, endocrine disrupters, and more. (If you’ve ever gotten a headache from a cheap perfume, you have experienced toxic “fragrances.”) While middle men flourished, the livelihoods of the artisan families dwindled. Misery and poverty grew terribly.

Fortunately, a group of friends including a doctor took a leap of faith. United by a shared dream and vision of transforming the world one drop, one person, and one community at a time, they quit their jobs. They pooled all of their finances, cashed in their retirement savings, maxed out lines of credit and took no salary — just to hire scientists. These they tasked with identifying the chemistry of pure essential oils. They said, ‘we want you guys to hold our supply chain to the chemistry of purity.”

Then they all got on a plane and traveled to remote areas of the globe to meet face to face with the harvesters and distillers.  started selling create a company ded love of essential oils, formed a company and a nonprofit dedicated Modern science confirms multiple side-benefits to medicinal plant chemistries that are rejuvenating, soothing, invigorating, calming, energizing, restorative, enhancing, peace-inducing, and more. [These terms are used to comply with FDA regulation. Search PubMed “essential oils and ___” to see actual scientific studies, or visit AromaticScience dot com.]  In a nutshell, essential oils are extraordinarily helpful to the body, mind, and spirit for tuning to Wellbeing.

Already using essential oils from another source(s)? If yes, good for you! You are on the leading edge of a global movement reconnecting to the healing power of nature! If I may offer: just try a sample of doTERRA CPTG oils. The doTERRA difference is profound. You’ll feel it. (And independent researchers at Roseman University in 2018 saw it, too.)

doTERRA® CPTG® Essential Oils

Purity is key when it comes to using essential oils therapeutically. Pure oils, not adulterated with synthetics, are powerful, safe, and effective. doTERRA® CPTG® (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®) Essential Oils are sourced sustainably from an extensive Global Botanical Network dedicated to quality. As an entrepreneur for 20+ years, I have never in my life been so impressed with a company, on multiple levels. The quality and heart with which doTERRA conducts is business at every level is amazing. The were recognized by Forbes in 2017 for using their supply chain to uplift entire communities out of poverty. They have set a new high bar in an ancient industry for purity and quality of oils, much higher than organic, as all batches of product must pass rigorous independent lab purity testing by independent scientists as the Aromatic Plant Research Center.

They are one of only 3 companies on the market whose oils tested 100% pure. (The other 2 companies were not revealed in this study, but are small boutique suppliers whose prices are considerably higher than doTERRA’s.)

doTERRA was one of only three companies out of 50 whose oils tested consistently 100% pure. The names of the other 2 companies were not revealed in the release on this study, only that they are small boutique suppliers whose prices are considerably higher than doTERRA’s.

doTERRA is a science-based company publishing dozens of peer-reviewed studies annually, allied with major research institutions. CPTG means that every batch is independently lab tested and certified 100% pure, no synthetics, no fillers, not cross contaminated with any other oils, and tested twice–coming in the door and just before shipping to customers.

How to Get doTERRA CPTG Essential Oils through me: BeeJoyful.org

Contact me for more information, to be guided to the right kit to help you with your wellness goals. The smartest way to get doTERRA CPTG oils: save up and get a reduced-price starter kit, which includes a free annual wholesale account membership ($35 savings). It all depends on your budget, how much you want to save, and your goals.

Know what you want to order?

Here are a few of our reduced-price starter kits, starting with the biggest savings:

Diamond Kit

If you are ready to dive in to natural wellness head first and transform your life — and/or — a connoisseur who loves quality, fine wines, cheeses, chocolates, cars, clothing, shoes, computers, etc.– the Diamond Kit is for you. It contains the Every Oil Kit (every essential oil) plus all the other therapeutic grade, personal care, and spa products doTERRA makes. Some think the Diamond Kit is only for those who wish to start an essential oil business. But that is not true. Many appreciate the Diamond Kit for personal use because they see the value. True: if your goal is financial freedom, you love natural solutions, you’re open to rolling up your sleeves and working a simple proven system to build a residual income-producing business — then definitely the Diamond Kit is absolutely the best value as an initial business investment. But it is not necessary to start a business. (Of course, if your heart feels drawn to our mission of sharing plant medicines, please talk with me.) Many regular people see the great value in this kit, not just business people.


(Diamond Kit, price above, includes the Every Oil Kit, as shown here)


(Click this link to add a Diamond Kit for $2750 with Free Wholesale Membership and Fast-Track Bonuses to your cart.)

(Click this link to add an Every Oil Kit for $1950 with Free Wholesale Membership and Fast-Track Bonuses to your cart.)

The Natural Solutions Kit

The Natural Solutions Kit is doTERRA’s most popular reduced-price starter kit. It includes a wonderful selection of 15 essential oils, plus a broad selection of all of our product lines, including the Spa Body Spray, the On Guard products (cleanser, laundry detergent, toothpaste, mouthwash, and hand spray), the Lifelong Vitality therapeutic-grade vitamin pack with Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics. Even includes a wonderful  diffuser, a storage box,  and more!


(Click this link to add a Natural Solutions Kit for $550 with Free Wholesale Membership and Fast-Track Bonuses to your cart.)

The Home Essentials Kit has 10 base oils (including CPTG Frankincense) in large 15 mL bottles plus a Petal Diffuser. The 15 mL larger bottle provides 250 drops. (Note: this kit is less than twice the price of the smaller kit below, while providing 3x as much oil, and a diffuser.)


(Click here to add the Home Essentials Kit for $275 with Free Wholesale Membership to your cart.)

The Family Essentials Kit has the 10 base oils (including CPTG Frankincense), in small 5 mL bottles. The 5 mL bottle provides about 75 drops.  This kit has no diffuser, but does have Peppermint and On Guard beadlets — tiny gels containing 1/4 of a drop of oil, to take them internally for a quick pick-me-up or immune-health booster. Great for traveling!


(Click here to add the Family Essentials and Beadlets Kit for $150 with Free Annual Wholesale Membership to your cart.)

After you’ve opened your wholesale account, contact me and click on over to our Facebook support pages.

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