A brief history of essential oils

The essential oil industry is one of the oldest trades in recorded history. Frankincense, Myrrh, Cinnamon and other medicinal herbs inspired the ancient spice trade routes. Referenced in every historic medicinal and spiritual text, oldest evidence of use of herbal medicines was fossilized yarrow found in Neanderthal gravesites dating back approximately 60,000 years. Plant medicines helped humans on every continent, in every culture, to live and thrive. Trade and use of these precious oils, was strong for generations, through WWII.

Everything changed after WWII. The synthetic chemical industry grew and eventually pulled the rug out from under thousands of small artisan family growers, harvesters, and distillers around the world. Middle men who bought direct from harvesters and growers learned they could make a lot more money by cutting natural oils with cheap, artificial chemistries. As demand grew, payments to harvesters and distillers dwindled, impoverishing families and communities. By the turn of the 21st century, the availability of pure essential oils was nearly gone.

Meanwhile, the number of synthetic chemistries Americans are exposed to, inhale, and ingest has grown to more than 85,000 and U.S. laws have been slow to change, as reported by the Environmental Working Group.

While we’d love to trust the U.S. government to take care of our wellbeing, the fact is with our current system that’s not happening. It’s up to us to educate ourselves to the benefits of removing toxins from our bodies and homes.

Pure source of essential oils available again!

Thank God, things are getting better! We now have a safe, tested, and trusted source of high quality pure essential oils. In 2008 a small group of caring friends including a doctor took a leap of faith. United by a shared dream of uplifting the world one drop, one person, and one community at a time, they pooled all of their finances. Cashed in their retirement savings. Maxed out lines of credit.  Took no salary, and hired scientists. They traveled the globe to find the best, cleanest, purest essential oils. They arranged to buy direct. Cut out the middle man. Pay the growers and harvesters good living wages. And they told their scientists:  identify and document the chemistry. Then hold our supply chain to the chemistry of purity, and conduct good research. Get published.

Buyer beware — Do not trust label, 95% of sellers are lying

Today you can find on store shelves and at Amazon “pure essential oils.” Buyer beware! According to an indepth study done by the Aromatic Plant Research Center in 2018, 95% of labels are false, and selling adulterated oils.

doTERRA contracted with APRC to test oils sold by the top 50 suppliers — direct, online, and retailers. doTERRA was one of only three that tested 100% pure in all of their products. Some 20% of the companies tested out with a mix of some pure and some adulterated. A full 80% of all essential oils on the market labeled pure are adulterated. 

doTERRA was one of only three companies out of 50 whose oils tested consistently 100% pure. The names of the other 2 companies were not revealed in the release on this study, only that they are small boutique suppliers whose prices are considerably higher than doTERRA’s.

Your best bet is to find companies that routinely have their oils independently lab tested for purity on a per-batch basis and are transparent about testing. Any company is free to have transparent standard that is equal to or better than the quality standard doTERRA uses. On the bottom of every bottle of doTERRA product is a Quality ID number, which you can then look up the APRC test results for that batch,  at SourceToYou.com.

How to Start Reducing Your Toxic Load: Read Labels

One simple step you can take immediately to reduce toxins is to read labels. If you see an ingredient called “Fragrance” or “Parfum,” reject it. Independent tests have found within that ingredient numerous known carcinogens, endocrine (hormonal) disrupters, respiratory irritants, and more in the ingredient called “fragrance.” Replace with a nontoxic pure essential oils or or-based products. More at EWG’s free consumer guides.

If you’ve ever stepped out of a perfume-filled elevator feeling nauseated, or gotten a headache or coughing fit triggered by a cheap perfume, you have experienced the toxic effects of “fragrances.” Avoid them!

doTERRA® CPTG® Essential Oils: Scientific Confirmation

doTERRA is all about science. Practitioners and science geeks are encouraged to search PubMed “Essential Oils and ___X”  to find hundreds of studies revealing multiple side-benefits to pure medicinal plant chemistries. You can also access a database of studies at aromatic science dot com. Just a few of the properties of the more than 3,000 chemical constituents identified in essential oils are: rejuvenating, soothing, invigorating, calming, energizing, restorative, enhancing, peace-inducing, and more. New independent research specifically at Roseman University reported in 2018 found that changing to the pure chemistry, whether by isolating constituents or contaminating them, significantly reduces or eliminates its therapeutic effects.

Purity is essential, when it comes to using essential oils therapeutically. Pure oils are powerful, safe, and effective. doTERRA® CPTG® oils are sourced sustainably from an extensive and exclusive doTERRA Global Botanical Network dedicated to quality.

I invite your to join me in doTERRA!

As an entrepreneur for 20+ years, I am deeply impressed with the quality of this global wellness company on multiple levels.

In a nutshell, pure essential oils are extraordinarily helpful to the body, mind, and spirit for tuning to Wellbeing. And doTERRA is simply the gold standard.

Are you already using essential oils from another source(s)? If yes, good for you! Your intention is good, for seeking to be on the leading edge of a global movement reconnecting women, men, and families to the healing power of nature! I encourage you to focus on the gold standard, and get the best prices by opening your own wholesale account. The doTERRA difference is profound. You will absolutely be amazed.

Here’s more information about how to get doTERRA’s reduced-price starter kits, and learn more about essential oils by exploring my site at BeeJoyful.org.